California plans for our nation’s future. Through its integrated system of ports and harbors along California’s unmatched 3,400 miles of coast and transportation infrastructure, we are relied upon to transport goods to and from every state. California is committed to the prosperity of our nation.

California’s maritime system seeks the following key objectives to fulfill our role in the nation’s economy:

Full expenditure of Harbor Maintenance Tax receipts for their intended purpose which is critical for the maintenance of our shipping channels and waterways by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Funding for goods movement infrastructure through federal transportation programs to ports and harbors.

Implementation of policies designed for flexible management of the nation’s coastal resources.

Using Dredged Material for Beneficial Purposes
Restoring Endangered Species
Raising Marsh Elevations
Restoring Wetlands
Creating Subtidal Habitat
Infrastructure Protection
Vessels and Crews That Protect Us
Port Fireboats
Harbor Patrol
Newport Beach Based Cutter
Our Protection and Security Facilities
Port Fireboats
Long Beach Security Center
Maritime Law Enforcement Training


We are Leading the Nation in Goods Movement

ILWU Members moved over 29,000 TEUs off of and onto one ship at the Port of Los Angeles.

Over 19 million TEUs were moved through California’s Port and Harbor System in 2018.

We are collaborating with all of the Maritime Transportation System Stakeholders to provide increased visibility, value, security and productivity for the cargo and passengers moving in and out of California.

We recognize we have a profound positive impact on our Nation’s economy and are working to improve it, while investing in human capital and the future of our local communities.


You Can Count on Us
We have up to 76 feet of depth in our channels.

We are investing over $2 million per day in our capital infrastructure.

Not only are our Drayage Trucks the cleanest in the world, they are operating cleaner than trucks on the Federal Inter-state System.

Our regulated ships use the cleanest fuel in the World within 26 miles of the coast of California.

Over 80% of the regulated ships calling on California plug into our electrical grid.

We have reduced cancer risk by 85% in our seaports by reducing PMs, SOx and NOx over the past twelve years.

We block tens of millions of cyber intrusions per month.